About Us

Our vision is to help small businesses use data and marketing automation to punch well above their weight.

We’re not serving customers directly anymore. In 2017 we pivoted and now work on our own projects and use automatico.com.au to share knowledge, ideas and spread the word about ActiveCampaign. Head over to the ActiveCampaign Strategy blog to learn more about this and subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.

Our focus: Strategy

You can find any number of ‘How-to’ resources but little about the strategy and planning you need in place to deliver a successful project. This is our focus and we will be publishing content ‘inspired’ by our work with small businesses, agencies and larger organisations.

Who is automatico?

automatico was launched by Lawrence Ladomery in 2016 to serve SMEs in Australia, helping with strategy, planning and building automations in ActiveCampaign.

Getting help with ActiveCampaign

We’ve partnered up with an agency called Bumper Leads who are based in Melbourne, like us, and official ActiveCampaign consultants. They are very good at what they do so get in touch with them to help you with your ActiveCampaign projects.

Let's collaborate

We’re interested in collaborating with companies and individuals who share our passion about marketing automation and ActiveCampaign. Shoot us an email and let’s  get something done together!

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