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ActiveCampaign rolls out Conversations, its version of live chat (beta)

While functionality is still very limited the big advantage over 3rd party options is that it's fully integrated with ActiveCampaign's core functions.

Good to see ActiveCampaign bolting on a new channel for customer engagement, one that has proven to be very effective for sales and support. Just look at how successful Intercom has been in this space.

Not to be confused with Site Messaging, a feature available for some time now where you can have messages pop up as chat bubbles on your website, but no live interaction.

A new dashboard within ActiveCampaign gives you the chat view as well as related contact information.

On the front end, visitors will be able to as questions via a chat bubble, where they are asked to share their email address ‘in case someone can’t respond immediately’. Once the contact has done so you’re able to check his / her contact details,  as well as past interactions if a history exists.

Conversations becomes particularly powerful when you use it to trigger follow up engagements via an automation and / or push the contact into a Deal pipeline. Here’s an example:

  • An existing contact engages via chat
  • She has a support question, which the ‘agent’ helps with
  • Once completed, two automations are fired off: the first one asking for feedback on support and the second one sending an email with more information about that particular query, and a personalised follow up 7 days later to check whether all is good

Just as useful is using chat as a lead generating channel. Again, you can fire off automations and push a prospect into a pipeline.

Want to try it out? At this moment in time it’s in private Beta, so you will need to request access.

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