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March 22, 2019

ActiveCampaign rolls our Conversations to all users

The live chat feature is now out of beta and priced at $9 / month per seat, as an introductory offer.

Conversations is a significant product release addressing a growing trend in the market for live sales and support interactions. ActiveCampaign was playing catch up up to this point but now is a step ahead with a live chat function that is integral to the platform, which is a big selling point.

That said, features are still limited compared to some of the competition so there is still a lot of work to be done deliver a product strong enough for people to consider switching from a platforms like Intercom and Tawk.

Perhaps a measure of Conversation’s maturity will be when we see it used by ActiveCampaign themselves.

The opportunity for ActiveCampaign is to leverage its existing functions to add data-driven capabilities to the live chat. For example, using automation to drive the offline conversation via a bot when no agents are available.


A 14 day free trial is available for your to test drive the new feature, and if this is of interest best do it now so that you can sign up for the introductory rate if you want to go ahead with it — the normal price being $19 / month.

Conversion is available as a paid for add-on – ActiveCampaign’s first. This may disappoint some customers on the higher payment plans who may have expected it to be included for free in their plan. However, the approach that have taken allows them to re-coup the investment they have made as well as develop more quickly and robustly.

More info about ActiveCampaign Conversations

For more information about Conversations read ActiveCampaign’s blog post – Announcing Conversations: Engage in Real Time with Customers & Capture It All in ActiveCampaign.

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