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Marketing Automation

Ever wondered why some small businesses market as 'loudly' as the big brands?

There are two ways to do this — hire a team of people to run your marketing or invest in marketing automation and execute at scale.

That said, there is no magic button that will fully automate your marketing. Success still relies on a solid strategy and a good dose of creativity.

Get it right, though, and you’ll see results. It’s not about lead gen either; you can automate admin tasks, out reach and have an marketing platform fix its own data.

Another tip: start as simple as you can but remained disciplined as you layer on additional functions and tools so that you’re scaling a well design system and not a mess.

Marketing automation platforms

We are big fans of ActiveCampaign but have a lot of work with HubSpot and Acoustic. If you don’t have a marketing automation platform in place we can help you determine which one is the best fit for your requirements, taking into considering CRM and other systems you use.

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