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Digital in Manningham

In a connected world… we love to work with businesses in our community.

Manningham is a good place to live and a good place to do business. The community is a cultural melting pot and the business landscape is diverse.

If you’re a small business like us you’ll also appreciate the support of the Manningham Council’s Economic Development and Tourism Team, as well at the Manningham Business Network.

But small businesses are feeling the heat here as much a everywhere else, with bigger players – Australian and global ones – leveraging scale, whether pushing prices down or dominating Google rankings.

This applies to us too with as we compete with marketplaces such as Airtasker and Oneflare that have commodotised digital services to a point where you can get a freelancer build you a website for a rate comparable to what they would earn if they worked at McDonalds.

We don’t think this is a good model for businesses in Manningham not one for our kids to inherit when they grow up, so we are keen to buy locally ourselves and work with businesses in the area to punch well above their weights.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss this and the digital marketing more broadly over a cup of coffee.

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It’s called Digital Minds Manningham and is open to those who live or work in the area. You can ask questions about digital or share your knowledge or experiences.