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Small Business Web Design Package

Laying a solid digital foundation. Fast.

A great option for new businesses that to get going ASAP or established SMEs with underperforming websites.

It’s a package that will not break that bank either, priced at only AUD $1,999.

So, how is it different from the thousands of website design packages out there?

To be honest, we’ve called this a ‘web design’ package because it’s what most people are familiar with. But it’s more of a marketing plan than just putting together a nice website.

  1. We approach each project with our marketer’s hat on and work out, with your help, what the  business priorities are. This determines the quick wins to deliver ASAP as well as the longer term goals.
  2. We plan the solution with CRM at its heart: a database for prospects, customers, partners, media and anyone you need to engage with. We will also build the’ lead funnel’ you can use in your marketing that integrates seamlessly into CRM. We use ActiveCampaign for this.
  3. We follow Growth-Driven Design principles to launch a website quickly, delivers on the immediate business requirements and that you can build on over time. We make sure it’s optimised for SEO too.

Now, a shiny new website will not instantly win you business. But you’ll be in a much better position to do when you start promoting it and you’ll have the systems in place to manage leads.

Case in point

Think Simple Builders approached us to help them with search engine marketing. But given their website was pretty poor from a design and conversion optimisation perspective we quickly re-designed it to offer a better experience, have stronger messaging and call-to-actions.

The result? Better performance all-round and already a couple of jobs on the books, that more than cover the investment.

The package includes:

Delivering a fully functioning website in under a month

Or sooner — we’ve streamlined our processes to be able to deliver work quickly and without compromising on quality. We use WordPress and Elementor for the extra  agility and speed in designing the interface.


We can also help with marketing on an ongoing basis as well as one-off projects. For example, a launch campaign to let your target audience know you have a new website. 

Other extras include hosting and WordPress support and maintenance.

Interested in the Starter Package?

The Startup Package is AUD $1,999 (excluding platform costs)

Tell us a little bit about your business and we’ll get back to you with some initial ideas.