Rate Card

Pricing that will not break the bank

Biased-based pricing (favoring small businesses)

Our rates are based on a number of variables: type of client, size of client, size of project and whether hours are paid up front.  Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Startups & Solopreneurs

Consultancy: $100 ($85) ph
Specialist Skills: $100 ($85) ph
Development: At cost
Production: At cost


Consultancy: $130 ($105) ph
Specialist Skills: $130 ($105) ph
Development: $100 [$80] ph
Production: $85 [$70] ph


Consultancy: $185 ph
Specialist Skills: $165 ph
Development: $135 ph
Production: $135 ph


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All rate are per hour and in Australian dollars.

How we categorise work

Consultancy: Strategy, advisory and Project Management

Specialist Skills: Covering strategic tactical, development, creative and infrastructure work carried out by professionals with at least 5 years experience

Development:  Programming, coding, QA & testing, etc…

Production: Graphic design,  content management, platform management, etc…


  • Discounts (in brackets) apply if you pre-pay at least 10 hours in advance. Or if you are on a retainer plan.
  • SMEs –If you’re on a retainer plans you have the option to access Development and Production at cost.
  • Retainer plans are a minimum of 10 hours, paid up front  and the minimum commitment is 3 months.
  • At cost: we’ll find a resource for the work locally or offshore, depending on your budget. We won’t mark their rate up.
  • Enterprise – Sorry, no discounts. But we can still save you money.

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