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WP Hosting

WP Hosting operates in a very competitive space and email is a key touchpoint to push leads through the funnel.

ActiveCampaign is set as the main marketing CRM, with pipelines used to manage a number of processes.

Prospects are captured via lead magnets which are added to drip campaigns or, if high-value, managed via a Sales pipeline.

Buyer journey

Hirange Window Cleaning

Hirange’s decision to invest in marketing technology has made it easy to scale operations and expand to Adelaide.

They are using ServiceM8 to manage jobs and staff and ActiveCampaign to automate marketing at every stage of the buyer journey, reaching customers via email and SMS.

Separate strategies have been implemented for residential and commercial customers to reflect different sales cycles and communications.

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Every project is different. The first step is to figure out what can be achieved within the budget and the timeframe you have in mind.

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